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Request for Clarification Regarding Unexpected Price Increase

I am writing to inquire about recent changes to my Vodafone Internet Flat invoice (account number: 000xxxxxx558).


As you may be aware, I signed a 24-month contract on April 4th, 2022 with a rate of 34.99 EUR per month for the duration of the contract term. However, I noticed that beginning in June 2023, my monthly rate was increased to 40.00 EUR without any prior notification or explanation. An additional "Vodafone Internet connections" fee was also applied that I did not consent to.

I am disappointed that the terms of my contract were altered without my knowledge or agreement. While I understand companies sometimes need to adjust prices, it is standard practice to inform customers well in advance of any changes. As a valued customer, I feel I deserved courtesy of a notification so I could have decided if I wished to continue service under the new rates.


I would appreciate if you could please review this situation and provide clarification on the increased fees. As the contract rate was to remain fixed for 24 months, I am requesting the additional 5.01 EUR charge from June be waived. Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance in resolving this issue.

1 Antwort 1

Sorry, but you got informed that Vodafone will raise the prices and that you therefor had a right to prematurely cancel the contract (in accordance with § 57 Telecommunications act). As you didn't cancel the contract for that point in time (nor within 3 months from the day the increase got effective), you accepted this price increase.


So there won't be a waive or any kind of reimbursement as you accepted the increase that was announced in accordance with the rules from the Telecommunications act and you missed the timeframe that you had for a premature cancellation...


Reason for the price increase was the overall price increase especially for eletrical energy but also for maintainance to the Vodafone network.


And just as reminder: This information was most likely sent to you by e-mail (if you verified your e-mail address to your customer account) or by postal mail -- usually somewhere in April if it really got effective start of June. I got my notification on March 7th for the price change from May 4th on...