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New DSL contract via check24



I applied for a new DSL contract through check24 and got a confirmation email from Vodafone on 2022/07/22, the status says 'Der Auftrag befindet sich in der technischen Bearbeitung, wir warten möglichweise auf Rückmeldung von Lieferanten.' 

I haven't got any update since then, is it normal, or maybe something is wrong with the contract?


Thank you in advance for your help!


@Moyu Since this is a DSL contract, I move it to the DSL board Billing & Contract,

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check24 sends your wish to Vodafone, and they can say yes or no. The confirmation was only to say to you, theat the contract is in techical processing,maybe they are waiting for a feedback from the delivery service, not more and not less. 


hello and welcome. 

my remommandation: call the cehck24 hotline and ask them. 

if you got the message from check24 with the subject "Ihr Internet-Auftrag wurde an Vodafone ... übermittelt" you have to call your vodafone provider. with have two for cable and one for DSL. in which state of germany are you? bundesland? and what is the exakt name of your contract? 

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I have received a confirmation email from Vodafone, which includes an ARC number and contract. From what I understand on Google, maybe vodafone is still checking with Deutsche Telecom? Excuse me for my poor german but every time I call customer service and ask if there is an English-speaking representative, they just hang up the phone.



Thanks for the advice! Actually check24 showed 'an Anbieter übermittelt' since 2022/07/22. Excuse me for my poor german; is there a way to communicate with an English-speaking agent? The contract is Red internet & phone 100. I'm in Baden-Württemberg. I also notice in community's post that some online orders could take 6~8 weeks...