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CallYa prepaid - account expired


I have a question in regards to CallYa prepaid, if my account is expired (forgot to recharged) with 5 Euros credit balance then if I use internet/call during that period, CallYa will take the money of my credit balance automatically? Instead of stopping all the services considering that the account is expired and due to for recharge?

Please advise

Thanks in advance

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Nobody from Vodafone can confirm this?

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Hello @Gun_ni,


in advance, this is a user-platform and I'm also an user and not from Vodafone Smiley (zwinkernd)

As I know, the services don't stop when your CallYa Card is not active (the balance on your account is to low for your booked CallYa rate) and when you then send an SMS, make a telephone-call or use mobile data your balance will be charged with 9 Cent/SMS, 9 Cent/min. telephone-call and 3 Cent/Mb data.


I hope that is anwering your question!


Best regards


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Hello @Gun_ni,


you are welcome to send me a personal message with your phone number and your request , then i will take a look at your case (this is how it works: click on my name and then right on "send a private message ").


Kind regards




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