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WiFi antenna keeps dropping



We are vodaofne`s new customer and they have installed a cbn ch7466ce. the problem is the wifi connection isnt stable and it keeps disconnecting and wifi antenna keeps dropping.

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how does it work via LAN cable? Have you chosen another WLAN channel?


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Ooen your web browser and go to , and login to the router's control page.
default username: admin
default password: password
Once logged in, click on the "WiFi" tab at the top. It will show you the basic info for your wireless network.

If you are using 2.4ghz, try changing the following settings:
For Channel, change "auto" to either 1, 6 or 11.

If using 5ghz change:
Channel- from "auto" to 100 or 120
Bandwidth- to 80
Transmission mode- to 802.11n/ac mixed

If using both:
Use the same settings as above, except change the 2 4ghz bandwidth to 20.

Apply changes, and wait for your router to restart. You should have a more steady signal, but if you find that it's still too weak around the house, you can either buy a wifi range extender on Amazon, or you try changing the 5ghz bandwidth to 40mhz, and reset again.

Hope this helps.
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Another note: if you are using both 2.4 and 5ghz at the same time, make sure that the network names are different. You could also probably try just turning off the 2.4ghz signal, and only using 5ghz, unless you have older devices or a Kindle. Those usually won't work with 5ghz wifi.
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