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Bridge mode or Modem mode
Hello everybody, 

I'm sorry for writing this in English, but I can't explain technical issues other than in English,

today I got my FritzBox 6591 with my Vodafone 1000 subscription, but I couldn't apply the Bridge mode from the router, as in the older router, I was using my Asus AC5300 after the connect box (modem mode). 

there is an option under internet ---> type of connection---- > bridge interface

I tried to make3 one of the LAN ports as a bridge, but on the router, it shows no connection or no internet. 

I tried to google it, but it seems no one tried it yet.

The FritzBox manual doesn't include this (Bridge interface) on it.

I only found this link, but NVM deleted the article:

Previously on the connect box, I spent one month on the same problem.

I need your help, guys.

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Maybe your new Fritzbox is defined as DS-Lite.
You see it in Internet - Onlne-Monitor.

In this case you should ask support for Dualstack.

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