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Extremly slow upload and unstable

Dear All,


for quite a long time I am expiriencing very slow upload 1-4 mbit, often is extremely slow 0.2-0.5 mbit. My kabel option is 1000/50 mbit. On the most lucky day I got 10mbit, but it was one time in last months. 

Very often when I call support that internet is not stable they already say there is an issue in my area and will be solved.
With download I can easily get 600-900 mbit download, so my router and devices are not a problem. 

I would appriciate if someone could help me as restarting the routers does not help. I guess that must be something with my area, but not sure how to pass this message to vodafone for real solve the problem, not just for temporary increase from 1 to 8mbit, as I should have 50mbit upload


thanks if someone could help and advice.


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Hey @Maciej222,


thanks for your feedback, thankfully it works now! 🙂 Im gonna close this thread then, if you got another problem just create a new thread.





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Hi again after few months. 


I got new router and the OFDMA for Upload is on again. Since 2 days I am calling support and I hear that:

* they cannot turn it off, I cannot access your router

* they will send me technician, or

* they will turn it off and it should happen in 30 minutes. (but even after 1h nothing changed, also after restart)


Could you please help me to turn it off ?


In the working configuration I had following upload channels: (details in attached file)

1  SC-QAM   51.0   64-qam    47.5/107.5     Erfolgreich

2  SC-QAM   44.6   64-qam    47.5/107.5     Erfolgreich

3  SC-QAM   37.2   64-qam    47.5/107.5     Erfolgreich

0                                               /60     


Now with new router I have following channels:

9    OFDMA    29.8~64.8    16_QAM     45/105      Erfolgreich

2    SC-QAM  45                  64QAM      49/109      Erfolgreich

4    SC-QAM  31                  64QAM      49/109      Fehler

3    SC-QAM  37                 64QAM      49/109       Erfolgreich

1    SC-QAM  51                 64QAM      49/109       Erfolgreich

so basically the ID 9 and 4 can be cleaned up. Now also some frequencies are different, but not sure if that could be a problem. perhaps after turning off OFDMA the other will adjust like before.



Hello Maciej222,


deactivation does not solve the problem and the technician is the better choice here.

With every power failure or other interruption of the line, it comes back.




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