DSL Connection Interupted

Hello everyone,

Our DSL connection has been down since today 13pm . Here is some information:

- the area code is 68165

- since around 13 pm today  the DSL light on the router has been flashing continuously

- the fault query says there is no fault in the area

- I performed a reset using the checklist, but at the end I got a message saying that this was not possible at the moment

- FritzBox 7530: when I log into the FritzBox the message DSL connection interrupted appears.

Already raised ticket but no answer .

Also tried to call but stayed in waiting line for one hour and no one pick up the call

I have to work tomorrow so if possible can somebody give me quick solution


Kind regards


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It's best to contact us via WhatsApp for your request. TOBi will ask a few questions in German but will then connect you to representatives who can communicate with you in English.


Best regards

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