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No access to open invoices

Good morning,


I received this SMS on my phone and would like to have access to the open invoice in the client portal. Would you be able to help me? 

I don't want to be writing here everytime I get the notification so it would be best if somehow you supported me in getting access again to the portal, so I'm more independent and don't flood your workload.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


3 Antworten 3

You have to add your contract to MeinVodafone, then you can also access the invoices.
How you have to do this depends on which federal state you come from.
In North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden Württemberg, you simply add your cable internet contract with the federal state, customer number, zip code and date of birth.
In the rest of Germany, you use the online activation code that you received in your order confirmation.

thanks for the reply Torsten.


How can I retrieve this online activation code? I don't have mine anymore. And i'm afraid I also don't have a valid contract anymore.


I had a combo contract, which was cancelled in September, so the open invoice I imagine is probably only for the cell phone, which I still use.




I moved your post from the cable to the cellular board because it is not a cable issue.
You will only receive this SMS with cell phone or DSL contracts.
You have to add your mobile phone contract to MeinVodafone with either the phone number or the customer number and the customer password of your choice, then you can also view the bills. However, you had given a SEPA direct debit authorization so that the invoice should be debited from your current account and the direct debit failed.