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Lacking help & wanting to end contract

I am trying to end/terminate my contract as I now live in netherlands and have a new phone/number etc. My address is no longer in Germany and I do not speak German.

I am having a literal nightmare trying to finish paying my last bill and to terminate my contract-- all the helpline people either do not speak to english/tell me to hold and then purposely hang up and the online tobi help is also useless for a specific issue and help in non-German.

I am trying to terminate my contract on meinvodafone but its not letting me. Its saying use your customer password/kundenkennwort on your contract and i have used what i thought it was/should be on my contract and thats not working apparently. I am at a loss of what to do because vodafone netherlands does not help with vodafone deutschland problems. Online support/customer service is of NO help to me. This is really, really inconvenient for me... i wish i were able to speak german but i cannot. Please give help/advice to an international person on terminating my contract/paying my last bill/recovering my password/speaking to anybody in english.. 

Its very different in the netherlands here they offer alot of languages/support to international people.

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English Support on Twitter or Facebook

Hi @rozemun,


in addition to @MasterScorpion posting, when you contact VF via Twitter or Facebook be sure that you have your deregistration certificate to hand.