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Vodafone Cable Network Contract Issue

Dear Vodafone Customer Service Team,

1. I made a contract with Vodafone Cable Network in Germany on 1st Nov 2023 with customer number * & contract number * but unfortunately, my device was sent back to Vodafone & the internet connection was not installed.
2. I received an email from Vodafone that the device returned arrived back (returned back) on 9 Nov 2023.
3. Meanwhile, I contacted customer care and they told me they would send the device once again to my address.
4. On 15 November, Vodafone reached my address and installed the Vodafone internet connection.
5. I was awaiting the bill & contacted customer care and they said they were unable to find a contract in my name but with another name Basheer * in my address & date of birth and also the wrong IBAN. I also checked my message on my phone that addressed me with another name Basheer *.
6. Customer care agreed that there has been some misinformation as my contract was made with a different name but with the same address & date of birth & used the wrong IBAN. They told me they would send a form to change the name & other data but to date, I have no information from Vodafone support. 
Question: I did not provide any misinformation as the initial contract is clear & in this case who is responsible for providing the wrong name & credentials?
Kindly take note this is an issue since you have used misinformation.
Please correct the information ASAP with the right details as I need an invoice in my name.
Thank you, 
Baskar Jayaganesan
Removed cst details
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