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I have connection speed and quality problem and I cannot find any contact

Hello, I registered with Vodafone last week. My modem arrived on Friday. I plugged in the modem and it worked. However, my download speed is very bad for 5 days. Upload looks better. That's not the real problem. I'm having constant breakouts within minutes.

I plugged it into another socket in the house and the modem did not improve. I've turned it off and on multiple times and it didn't work. It's the same on two computers and 4 cell phones in my house. I have connected LAN and WAN separately, nothing changed. Speed tests also suck.

I go to the website and it gives me a phone number. But there is no English option. I could not find a place to report my English problem in Vodafone Germany.

I'm in the software business and my business is in very bad shape. Because it is not possible to work with this connection speed and quality. I could not understand who should I notify and how. All I can reach is a phone number. They also speak German there and I don't understand it at all. i am new in germany.




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Support in the forum ended August 22.

English Support via Twitter/Facebook

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