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Vodafone? Worst service

The previous story; the story of vodafone v1  

I'm so * mad - after the first story, where I got two different contracts, two different devices , here is a very long ending of this sad story. After my post i got contacted by Vodafone represantative who did made apoligies about that, canceled second contract, i was like finnally, then as you can read in first part at the begining the sugesstion was that i got gigacube, till i get my dsl connection, and then i will return my gigacube, so when i got all this problems 10x of calls and nerves I said no guys leave me just with this cube, i do not want to have any other contract or something, vodafone reprasantative did encourage me to do that and ensured that also my second gigacube contract will be canceled and from now on i will only have DSL, till that time I already paid one payment for gigacube and second payment was tooked from duplicated contract and on the call i was told that everything good no additional payment or something, as I previously was charged for two Gigacubes.


I''m like OK, i will send it back and so on. Next day i receive once again an additional payment for gigacube. I'm calling saying hey i just talked few days ago and got ensured that everything is ok. What happening once again? They girl i talked said a ya i must be mistake and so on you only have a future payment 21 euro for dsl, i will delete the mistake and so ON. I said ok - and I asked about 3 times ?? Do i have pay something additional = Am i ok? She said no! - You already paid for it - I reasked it mor times she said no  *  = Everything seems good conected dsl nice, one month i got my DSL payment, nothing additional - one month passes - I see once again that im charged 44 euro for gigacube, additional i got warant from KONIGS INKASSO that im not paying and have missed the payment /


Vodafone what are you doing please tell me, you have all the conversations recorded, listen what says your employes! * Maybe i should pick all this documents all this story and make a youtube video, advertse it , to make people aware, i think it would go good, because people will not believe that something like this is possible ! about 30 calls , i have been hours on line with your employes, i have letters, and different edited invoices, resended dozen times. Itš a book already, where you send not right, resend, then once again, and so on and on. I sended formal letter to official adress, 3 weeks ago where i asked to confirm that i don't have anything and so on? What does vodafone? No reply 3 weeks and send then through inkasso company ! Bravo vodafone!

Do i have to find each higher manager in linkedin and send them this, do i need to create videos, aware people, tell my story, why are your'e emplyes says every ***i^^^ time it''s ok we canceled second contract, its ok you do not need any addtional payment, it''s ok i will change that, you don''t need make any additional payment and do not need to return anything. WHY?


Edit: Beitrag in passendes Board verschoben. Lars

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Bei guter Leistung freue ich mich über ein Danke (Daumen hoch)

Kein Support via PN !!

Adjusted to forum rules.


Did you ever send the PN to Heike in the old thread?

Did you ever made a charge back? 


The GigaCube contract does NOT end Just because you opted for another cable or DSL contract.


You have to pay for both contracts until their minimum term - usually 24 months - is over -- and you have to send your cancellation in time.

I know that : once again from the last story when i assigned my first contract with vodafone i was said - we will now get you a gigacube contract, and get a dsl appointment till then you can use gigacube and then send it back, ok i got two contracts one with not right name and one with right, 2 contracts even if i needed one, after my 1st story i got contacted by vodafone manager who said ok we will cancel the one we made by mistake, and money  you paid for second, so i got charged with 110 euros for both contracts will be shifted for next month. I said ok. Then i got message that appointment i scoming soon an so on so i told them hey im not into dsl anymore i have gigacube just expand a gb and leave me alone. And manager said why and so on we will cancel your gigacube contract i reasked like literally few times! and so we ended with canceling gigacube and connecting DSl, and so i was getting to send back the gigacube, and then i got one more bill for 81 euro, i called and said hey why i just spoked with youre manager few days ago and he said they will shift my payment that they took wrongly and all i have to do is to return the device, we had a long conversation on that, and your employee said yes its mistake i will cancel bill, and from now on only dsl 22 euro payment - im like ok i will send gigacube today back, and she said and once again i asked few times after - she said you dont need to return it as i paid for it already also a second month - she said no you dont need to you paid for device you can keep it, i reasked dozen of times, she said no you dont need to send it back. Im ok, next month dsl connected one bill 21.98 everythong good, for ensuring i did write hand written letter to office to ensure and give me confirmation that i do not owe nothing to company and I don't have any contracts now besides Dsl, never go reply, and now i receive inkasso letter that i didn't pay, wtf? 

@MasterScorpion  schrieb:

Adjusted to forum rules.


Did you ever send the PN to Heike in the old thread?

Did you ever made a charge back? 

I received a call from vodafone manager