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Excessive usage, wrong validity date and invoice

i just received the router with the sim card and found out 3 problems!!. 

firstly I opened the app and found out that 1 giga has been already used while i didnt do anything so i am now using my own phone internet for my own safety. secondly it is written in the app that the data are available only till 25.12.2022!!! third problem is that the tariff shows that the monthly payment is 35 euro while the contract i signed as young offer is 30 euros and it is shown in order confirmation!.

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Hello dear @Yazeed

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you what used up the gigabyte. Feel free to write me a PM on Facebook or Twitter (link), then I'll be happy to book the used volume for you free of charge.


The 25th of a month is the start of the billing run. This means that always from this day you get new available volume, while from the day of the conclusion of the contract until 25th of december you will only be charged pro rata if there are no full 30 calendar days. Don't worry about this!


With regard to the 5 euro price difference: I just noticed that you have already written to us via Whatsapp. So wait and see how my colleagues will clarify your concern. If you have any further questions, please write to me. Good luck to you. Best regards, Jioti


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Hi @Jioti


Thank you so much for your answer.


I have sent you a message through messanger butl even after you give me the used volume, the problem will remain the same which is the excessive usage while doing nothing, I even turned off the router because that worried me alot and now using my phone internet.


For the 5 euro issue, if you can solve it also that would be great because no one answered WhatsApp and I can show you the order confirmation if you want.



I guess you have not been answered immediately on Whatsapp because of your English-language request. Usually we always reply. I recommend you to wait 24 hours.

You are welcome to write us a PM via Facebook or Twitter at the same time (Link), we will definitely help you in your matter.


I understand that you are concerned about the volume consumed. But before your mobile phone volume is used up, you should better use the volume of the GigaCube. Really don't worry.Smiley (fröhlich)

Best regards, Jioti



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