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New DSL contract termination

Dear vodafone,


Im new to Germany (darmstad) and i was unaware of rules and regulations here.

I went to shop to get sim the person also registered me for dsl which i dont want. I realized it after I started getting emails for router delivery. I want to terminate the service. 

I went to the shop and the shop owner says he can't cancel the service. I researched online it says I can cancel within 14 days of service. It's just 8 days now.
I havent received the router delivery it its with delivery service (DHL). I don't want it. 
Attaching the document related to my customer number.
Im an Erasmus student (exchange) here ill be here only for 6 months i dont need service for 2 years, i dono why he registered me. im so restless from the moment i started getting emails im unable to cancel it via phone i dont speak Germán and this really makes my new life in Germany hard. i cant afford this service. i dont want this.
Kindly help.
kindly cancel this service.

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If you signed a contract in a shop, the contract is legally binding and there is no right to withdraw within 14 days.

The right to withdraw is only granted by law if you would've made the contract using telecommunication methods, e.g. online or via telephone -or- if someone came to your home.


So you are bound to both contracts - DSL / landlane as well as Mobile phone for the contractual period -- anyhow, if you leave Germany, there is a possibility to cancel (at least) the landline contract prematurely as it cannot be fullfilled at your new location then anymore.

But the shop keeper tricked me while keeping all these things from me. I feel cheeted and trapped now. 


Is this how they do it here. I feel helpless is there anyway out for me to cancel this whole thing. I dont want vodafone or any contract here.