How to withdraw from a contract before it starts



First I want to apologize that I'm posting in English. My German is not very good and you might misunderstand me if I type in German.


More than a month ago, in late July, I signed a contract with one of Vodafone's agents at mediamarkt to get internet for my new home. At the time they said I will get a call in the next two or three days to fix a date for installation. Three days passed and I didn't get any call. I messaged the agent and he said that he contacted Vodafone and this time I will get a call the next day. Nobody called the next day. He gave me the number for the installation contractor, I tried to call them several times a day for a few days at different hours but they never answered their phone. I called Vodafone. They said someone will call you today before 6 pm. No one called that day. Then I called Vodafone again... Long story short, it's September and I still don't have internet nor even a date for installation.

The question is how can I withdraw from this contract so I can get internet from another company? I already sent a request for cancelation and my request got rejected. Please do not tell me that somebody will call me today or tomorrow or next week because I know that will not work.


P.S. Even though I speak a little German, Vodafone support tried to communicate with me in English and I'm grateful for that, but they couldn't solve my problem anyhow.

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Hi Doostak,


please get in contact with our Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook Service.


I'm sure they can help you.


You can find all links here: https://forum.vodafone.de/t5/Vodafone-News/Euer-Kontakt-zu-Vodafone/td-p/1912292




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This is a bot. I already talked with the bot and it can't help me.


I'll just proceed with making a contract with another company. Based on what I experienced so far, I'm sure you will never install my internet.

For those of you who have reached here by searching on Google. They not only still couldn't fix my problem but also didn't even try.


Have you tried contacting us via WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, there is a bot at first contact but if Tobi can´t help one of our support teams get in contact with you.



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