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DSL contract with no updates

I have requested a DSL connection in the beginning of February and I still do not have any updates at all from Vodafone! I've been waiting for the DSL device to arrive for weeks now and even when I call the only answer I get is to wait for the device. I work from home and cannot deal with mobile connection. I need this solved as soon as possible.


I had scheduled the activation for March 1st but in the portal this is still "in Prüfung" and in my last call I was informed my router should be arriving by today, still nothing!


I need an answer from Vodafone otherwise I will just cancel my order and find another provider!


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I'm going to start saying I've been dealing with issues on this contract for 2 months now and I have no internet, and never had. 


They sent me an R219z Mobile Hotspot with an Always On SIM, which was fine but this stopped working 2 days before my activation date.


Now, yesterday, March 22 (my activation date). 12h I received an SMS saying my connection was ready. By 15h I still had no success connecting it. Called Vodafone and support told me to wait until 17h. Called again at 17h30 because it was still failing. They said everything was OK from their side and that my issue is in the router installation. They told me to call another line, which I did and they told me to wait 2 more hours. Of course, after those 2h support was no longer working and i still cannot connect. Why would it say in the welcome letter that the connection would be set until 17h if it just isn't?


Vodafone's support is a joke and it's hard to find someone who will actually try to help you.


Main issue is I have a constant error in my Fritz Box installation saying 

"The Internet connection check failed. Faulty DSL connection. Make sure the DSL cable is connected properly" when I use the Zugangsdaten.

When using the MIC I only get a time out error.

Vodafone was saying everything is good on their side so really I do not understand what is happening. 


I have no internet, and I started this contract in the beginning of February (!). I work from home and I Need this wifi urgently! I am exhausted of dealing with vodafone!


I need your support ASAP to fix this issue. If I do not have the connection, I will make a major complaint to any possible channel I find.


If this is not solved, I want a new always on SIM card to be sent to my house so at least I can have a spare wifi in the meantime.




So in the end they were having issues with the lines on my address. It took me several calls until someone was able to inform me what was happening. But since nothing can work properly now I have an issue with installing my router but I've already opened a new topic so I'll just close this one as solved.


Really disappointing service!



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