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Red 2017 L contract extending and 2 new phones


Dear all,

I have valid Red 2017 L+ contract with second card. 

Contract expires end of September and I actually already terminated it at Vodafone. 

I still want to consider possible prolonging,  considering if I can find suitable tariff compared to competitive offers. 

I also want to add 2 new phones when possibly changing the tariff and extending the contract.

Kindly asking some of the moderators in charge to contact me by email to exchange messages to see if there is still a chance for us to stay at Vodafone. Thank you. 

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Hey @vermouth9305,


sad to hear that you already cancelled your contract but on the other hand happy that you still want to stay with us when we can offer you someething which you can´t resist.

Just send me an PN with your Customer Account number and password and a few informations about what you are looking for and then we will hopefully find the right thing for you.




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