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Hotspot „ohne Intetnet“

Da ich momentan auf meinen Anschluss warte, dachte ich ich überbrücke die Zeit mit dem Vodafone Hotspot. Leider funktioniert dieser nun nicht mehr. Mir wird eine Verbindung ohne Internet angezeigt. Daraufhin habe ich gescheckt ob an meiner Adresse (Blücherplatz Kiel) eine Störung vorliegt, das soll aber wohl nicht der Fall sein. 

dann habe ich erneut ein Tagesticket gekauft (Transaktionsnr: 9654754) aber es funktioniert immer noch nicht. Kennt jemand die Problematik oder kann mir jemand helfen? 

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Same. The wifi stopped working about 3.5 hours ago. 
thats what I’ve sent them, they didn’t reply:

Hi guys.
I purchased your wifi voucher yesterday and it worked good for a little bit more than 24 hours. But for the past 2 hours, I cannot connect to the wifi - on several spots in the city and also from my home (where it worked for sure yesterday). I tried to turn off my phone for a few times, switch the wifi off and then on, “forget this network” - nothing helped. Then, I called your technician support - since there is no possibility to get help by chat or email - I don’t speak German. The technician said he doesn’t speak English and that no one there speaks English. Then he gave me this number and told me to call and that they work now - 022146619033 - they don’t. I could not reach someone now. So I tried your Tobi - it cannot help in english and it ended the chat. So I called to this number I found on your website - 08001721212 - again, not possible to talk to someone now.
This wifi service cost me 29.99€ and I don’t get the service.
I’m asking you to solve this problem or refund me please. I’m a journalist and I cannot be disconnected. I purchased a package from Airalo because of your problem. It cannot go like this. I shouldn’t spend more money after I bought an unlimited package from you. I’m asking you to give me a solution ASAP.

and the website is so unfriendly that I deleted my user card 🤦🏼‍♀️