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Getting statements and usage details for the CallYa product

Hi everyone!


I am an English-speaking (and the only English!) Vodafone.DE customer. And I came across some issues. 95% of Vodafone agents (surprise-surprise!) don't speak English. So, phone support is not an option for me. I am forced to call again and again, spending half an hour trying to understand that random agents can't transfer me to an English-speaking agent.


I thought about getting the support via email, but Vodafone.DE doesn't provide email support. And old addresses like kontakt [AT] or .com are closed or abandoned.


TOBI is a nice character, maybe, but the only option he can offer is to call support. Thus, the circle is closed.


Meanshile, I have two unresolved questions:

  1. How do I find out where the money goes from the CallYa account? I couldn’t find usage details or statements in MyVodafone.
  2. How can I get a statement with my address on it? They are sometimes required by third parties. I don't see anything like this in MyVodafone (both web or app). A Google search also does not help and only gives options for home-wired Internet. And I need a statement for the CallYa product.

Please advise on what to do. Thanks in advance!

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Hello @DanteT 


you can also reach our support via the contact channels e.g. WhatsApp / Facebook / X. You can also communicate in English there.


Kind regards

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Hi @DanteT,


You don't get any invoices using CallYa. When you want to get invoices then you have to sign a contract (24 months).

CallYa is very simple. You top up credit (15 €, 25 €, 50 € etc.) and you chosse your plan (e.g. CallYa Classic, Start, Allnet Flat S, M, L etc.).

With CallYa Start, the Allnet plans and CallYa Digital you have a lot of services (data, calls, SMS etc.) included. 

With CallYa Classic you will be charged usage-bounded. The prices you can find in infodok 150 (price list CallYa).


You can only get a confirmation about your top-ups but not an invoice (e.g. itemised bill).