Left Germany - canceled contract - still paying

Hi all,

Left Germany around a month ago and before leaving I sent in a letter with a cancelation for my internet and mobile contract. I sent the letter with a einschrieben and it got accepted but I (think )I am still being charged for my phone contract (my internet stops 3 april so I understand that I have to pay till then) but I do not understand the mobile one. I paid 14 euros a month and this month I have been charged 45 euros but I know that includes the time I used data in Australia and also calls but I cannot for the life of me find the invoice for the month with the related charged (or any mobile invoices) only my internet ones online. I can't even call up vodafone because then the problem lies in that if I call up using my Australian number it never seems to put me through to someone whereas if I use my german sim i can but it will cost alot and i really want to avoid this. Is it possible to have someone confirm that my mobile plan actually has been terminated?


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I just realised that they probably go hand in hand the two contracts! I for some reason assumed the mobile one was cancelled as soon as they received the cancellation request but makes sense that they both probably get cancelled on 3 April

not hand in hand !

u have / had 2 contracts that don't / didn't depend on each other or something like that.

(of course gigakombi needs both contracts, but cancellation / deactivating has 2 be done explicit 4 each contract)


so when u get a confirmation of deactivating of the internet contract, 

the mobile contract doesn't care about

But this is what the guy at the vodafone store told me to do...and he knew I had both. So how do I go about cancelling it? sending a physical letter again from Australia seems like a long process that could easily be lost in the mail..


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