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Poor Internet connection with GigaCube

Hello All,


** I could not find any email contact of Vodafone customer care, therefore resorted to community **


I am not a native German, so would prefer to write in English here. I had booked my GigaCube 5G connection on 11.11.2023. I was told that 5G speed would have 500 Mbits download, and anything not within half of it (i,e, 250 Mbits) would be unexpected. Before taking the connection, there was a feasibility check and everything. 

I am surprised to see that although I pay prices for a 5G connection and am supposed to get a white LED light on the router, I always get a 4G blue light. Secondly, not a single day have I seen that the download speed has crossed 80 Mbits. This is a clear violation of trust and business conduct. I pay for a 5G connection and have been getting 50-60 Mbits on average speed regularly.


Extremely Dissatisfied!

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Full Metal User
Full Metal User

Hello @Samarjit_Dey 

do you read the footnotes for your contract? There ist stated a MAXIMUM speed of 500MBit/s, not guaranteed. Look here at the bottom of the page (in german, but you may translate) . Also the coverage of 5G is not guaranteed but you can use it if available - otherwise you use 4G. If you really need 500Mbit/s you should use a wire or fibre connection - mobil radio does guarantee nothing, sorry.

Gruß Drahtlosfreddy