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Recently, I have got an email (not official letter) from collection agency (INFOSCORE FORDERUNGSMANAGEMENT GmbH) asking for payment.

In fact, I terminated the contract, since I was upgrading myself on stronger package (from slow DSL to fast Cable) and I had to return old hardware whithin 14 days after contract terminates officially.

I sent the hardware back and in meantime went for one month long vacation. Upon my return I found the same package I sent in front of my doors.

Apparently, package was returned to me with no explanation.

I also informed Vodafone customer service about this problem, but they couldn't tell me anything what I don't know already. They just told me that they didn't receive any hardware, period.

I have mailed the hardware again and this time I took a tracking number from DHL. This time I tracked the shippment and it got delivered successfully. It did not get returned to me anymore.

A week ago I have received this email, claiming that I should pay cost of the hardware plus some big fees, and all that came up to 125€ which is absolute nonsense.

They claim that I haven't returned the hardware whithin 14 days (as requested), but this was absolutely not my fault and it seems like I have no protection as a customer. 

Let's put on a side that I have been your loyal customer for years.

I still have the proof that router is returned, but what I don't have is the proof that I sent router within 14 days. I really didn't expect that this would happen.

What am I supposed to do at this moment? Any suggestions how to overcome this issue?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hey unhappyCustomer,

I'm sorry that the tariffchange has been such an unpleasant expirience.
Once your contract has been handed over to an extrernal debt collection firm, there is most likely nothing i can do.

We don't accept customer hardware for 2 reasons .
Either the device gets sent back far after 14 days period after the contract has ended , or the device is damaged.

You will getanyway a note with the returened package
Most likely claming "Annahme verweigert - Paket beschädigt. The excact reason is stated below.

Feel free to send me a private message with yoru customernumber/Password.
If possible please also with the letter that came in the returned package.

Best regards,


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