Missing item - multimedia-dosen-adaptor



I am very sorry but my German is not so good so I am unable to call the help number. 


I am a new customer. I have received a router from vodafone, and I am trying to set up my internet. Unfortunately I have a 2 plug socket and need a multimedia-dosen-adaptor. This was not included in my box. The box seal was still sealed.


How can I get help while not speaking German? Or is it possible to somehow fix the issue here? I have seen a similar post where someone was able to send a PM to get help but I'm not sure who to wrote to, or what details to include.


Thank you for reading and kind regards. 

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I think the easiest way ist to state, that the self install failed, then a technician will come and I'm shure he will replace the socket

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if there is a way to state the self install failed without needing to talk to the customer helpline? Because I cannot speak German, I am unable to call.

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okaaaay, thats a problem.

@Noof  schrieb:

Because I cannot speak German, I am unable to call.

Then it's up to you to get someone to help you with a sufficient knowledge of German...

Maybe a collegue oder neighbour can do that call for you.