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Vodafone CableMax 1000 - poor speed - wifi 6 router

Hello,  I am writing here because I am new to Germany and I am yet to learn German. I would like to get some support with the issue on english language.I have taken Vodafone CableMax 1000 connection, but unfortunately I am getting hardly 1 mbps download and 0.20 mbps upload speed.

Please tell me how I can fix this issue. It would be great if you can give me a call back or any support on this.

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the performance u explain - (calling it perfornance is a bad joke) -

- obviously rhe router is connected 2 rhe cable sxstem, but it has not been activated yet

- it has no configfile

call the support 2 get it activated !

normally this happens automatically when the system notices the router is connected - but sometimes system doesn't react as it should

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Hi shinym,


I think it will be difficult to get someone english speaking at the hotline. Please send me your name, address, day of birth and customer number by PN. Please also let me know here if you have sent the message.


Kind regards


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