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Technician no show even though called 35 times

Hello everyone,


I am here to write about my situation. I made a contract to get internet connection at my home on 26th Sep. After 2 weeks of waiting, I started to call and Vodafone said that everything is ok but they kept telling the technician will come the day after and up to 1 week. After many times of not showing up, I called and they said they would come in the afternoon, and in the end, no one showed up. 


I am writing to express my frustration to the disrespect of Vodafone to customers. I hope that they could get in touch with me and provide me an exact time and date.


Edit: Beitrag in passendes Board verschoben. Lars (Moderator)

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Since Mid August no Support in the Forum.

Try Facebook or Twitter.


Did the connection ever work? 

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