Störungen im DSL-Netz

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No internet since start of contract

The internet service at my apartment (in Cottbus, Germany) has been non-functional since its installation about one month ago. The technician apparently came to the building to turn something on and left without bothering to check if the internet connection was working at my apartment at all or not.


I have been unbale to get support over phone in English and the few times I have gotten through, the instructions have been to factory-reset the modem. restart it, and then wait for 15 minutes during which the phone call ends.  This has not resulted in any change in the connection.


Could someone please guide me as to where I can get support?




PS: I have a FritzBox 7530 AX (received with the connection from Vodafone) which I am using with the included calbes to connect to the DSL socket on my apartment's wall. The Power/DSL light on it keeps blinking and attempts to activate the modem using MIC fail.

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Hallo musicallyut,


please excuse me.  Smiley (traurig)


Please send us a PN  with your customer number, the customer password and the link to your contribution here.


Best regards



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