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Massive Internet Disruptions

Since 10 days there has been a probelm with my home internet (WLAN) , the internet goes off 10-15 times a day and router just blinks red light and comes back after half to one hour.

The disruprion effects daily work at a great extent and vodafone service center team has no clue nor a proper response.

The customer service team says they don't speak in english which @vodafone team never tells you while making the contract. is there someone who can really help with the problem??

PZN: 12203, Berlin.


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Hi i have exactly the same problems also 12203 postalcode.

Multiple times a day often a few seconds after a previous crash.


i search for help as well maybe someone from vodafone can help.

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Hey User019,
I'm sorry to hear that your dsl connection is not working properly.

Sadly, there is no dedicated english speaking hotline. Most agents should be able to handle a call nevertheless.
In case of an english service inquiry in the future i'd suggest getting in touch with us via socialmelda (vodafoneservice on twitter , or vodafoneDEservice on facebook).

The vodafone community is a board with the main intent of customers helping other customers , not an official support channel.

But I'll have a look into this.
Please send me a private message with your dsl-customernumber & a mobilenumber.
Therefore click on my name/avatar -> then the big red button on the right side "sende diesem Benutzer eine private Nachricht"

I guess that you already did a clean factoryreset of your router , followed by the reconfiguration via modeminstallationcode?



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