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I have never had internet connection

Dear Ms or Mr,


I am a new customer of your DSL service. On June 30th a technician came to my flat and installed my connection when he was finishing the installation he said that there was a problem he couldn't solve and that I wouldn't have internet. Before leaving my flat he mentioned that he or another technician would come back in the following days to fix it but I didn't get more information about that. On July 1st, I called customer support to report that I still didn't have internet, the supporter told me that he will restart the connection remotely, but it didn't work. Then on July 2nd, I called again and the supporter restarted the connection remotely, but it still did't work.

My german is not too good, that is why I'm writing to you in English. All this time I have never had internet, which is very annoying since I need to pay for extra internet service with my cellphone company and that is costing a lot of money. In fact, my contract with you says that the service would start on June 30th, now we are on July 6th and I still don't have internet. I think this is very disrespectful for a new client who had to wait so long to have the installation appointment.


I got a Fritz!Box 7590 JB router, I have my "Fritz!Box-Kennwort" and when I go into the router configuration the DSL status says "wird verbunden" and then changes into "unterbrochen". The DSL LED of my router is always blinking. I think this is not a problem that you can fix remotely since you have tried it two times in that way without success.


So please send a technician to fix it or find a solution that really works as soon as possible. Otherwise, I would have to change my internet provider. Best regards

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Hi Aline52,


I'm sorry that your DSL connection does not work yet.


If you reported a fault and technical ticket has been recoreded, you will receive a confirmation via SMS with your ticket number.


Our technician wirll then check the connection and send a technician if needed.


If a ticket has not been recorded yet, send me a private message with your name, customer number and mobile phone number.




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