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DSL connection doesn't work - tried to set up multiple modems and no setting seems to work

After multiple days of trying everything I could find both in this forum and in other guides across the internet I still couldn't set up my modem to work with the newly installed dsl connection from vodafone.
The phone customer service is unusable for me, after trying 19 times I can't translate the german fast enough and the automatic reply hangs up on me.

So to fully describe the problem:
 - I got vdsl installed in my new house (the technician said all worked out well)
- I have been trying to set up my modem/router (bought with the exact specification that vodafone seem to require) 
- unfortunately, no matter the settings I insert, it seems impossible and the router tells me that it's either a problem of the cable to which its connected (not the case because i checked) or it's from the ISP 

Now, since I haven't been charged anything from vodafone I started to have the doubt that I may not be able to access the internet for this reason. Is it possible?
also how can i make sure that I'm actually receiving any connection at all?  I've inserted correctly all the information in the guides (username, password) and I even tried all the possible ISP (vodafon / vodafon from telekom .. etc) 

Is there a simple guide with the correct settings ? 
Here's my settings at the moment:

DSL Modulation Type: VDSL
Internet Connection Type: PPPoE
Authentication Type: AUTO_AUTH
IPv4: Enable pppoe_ptm_7_0_d
Default Gateway: pppoe_ptm_7_0_d
IPv6: Enable DHCP
Addressing Type: DHCP
IPv6 Default Gateway: 

Any help would be amazing since I need internet at home for work


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Hey fedemp,

I'm sorry that you can't use your landline yet.

Which router are you using? What Bandwith / Tariff ?  Whats the exact error message?
Normally you just need the Modeminstallationcode with our Devices. If you use a different Router your username/password. Sometimes the Vlan ID - 7 seems fitting for Internet via VDSL.

If the self diagnosis of the router is asking you to plug the dsl cable in , i guess that it doesn't get a proper dsl signal.



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