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Gigacube Return [Old contract, Leaving the country]

I have had my Gigacube contract for over 1.5 year, I recently canceled my Gigacube contract and DSL contract online in my vodafone services.


I received cancellation and return address for DSL contract.

I did not receive any return address to return the hardware for Gigacube.

I verified from a previous post that the Gigacube hardware and the SIM does not need to be returned ( link )


I would like to verify if this is the case, That the Gigacube hardware and SIM does not need to be returned.

If not, what is the address It needs to be sent back to and is there any other formality for Gigacube besides cancellation online ?


Screenshot from 2022-05-11 15-47-54.png

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You bought the GigaCube initially - so you can keep it and use it also with other SIM cards...

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