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Re: double contracts with cable

I've ordered a home cable, and had to deal with 3 sales people who told me different things - all made via telephone. Now I have 2 contracts and 2 cable machines, and I need a customer service personnelle to address this so I'm not double charged. I've been calling them for the past 2 hours, and no response.


The whole process is below.

My first contract was told to be complete, when I didn't receive anything, I've called and they said the contract didn't go through and then I have to make another contract. This second phone call gave me the answer that the original contract contains options that are no longer available to Hessen, and offered me a more expensive option. I then said no and hang up, and called vodafone again. This third call came with an option that I wanted, so I signed the contract, and made her aware of the 2 previous calls. She has assured me 3 times, that I won't have 2 contracts with the same service. Now this is the case, because the 2nd sales person sent through the cable without me ordering. And now I'm been charged for something that I did not order.


And no one is asnwering the phone. What are my options?

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Hey JK100,

sorry to keep you waiting. We are currently taking a little longer to respond. Smiley (traurig)


Please be so kind and send us a private message with the following data: Customer number (2 pieces), name, address, date of birth, state and current mobile phone number.


Please report back here as soon as the PN is out. Then we will take care of the problem together.


Kind regards


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Hi R4mona,


Thanks for getting in touch, and apologies for the late response, because I've missed the notification.


I've sent you a private message. Hoping this can be resolved soon. Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,

Jenny Kang

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