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Relocation Request


I made a request to move my connection to a new address on a future date, and I have the following issues 

1. There is no internet connection at the old address, even though the move will take place at a later date

2. While the internet connection at the old address was via cable, it seems at the new address there is no cable but only DSL. want my tariff work? when i made the relocation request via the portal, it says my tariff will work but then how should i connect the router to DSL? 




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Hi shubhamjain1012,


welcome here in our Community.


Are you sure that you filled in the form correctly? Since the connection isn't working any more, it seems that the contract is already terminated.


If only DSL works at the new address you should have received an offer for a DSL tariff with new hardware. Did you get any information about this? And in which federal state d you live?




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