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Hello community,

I have recently moved from Hessen to BW, and had called to register for the move, and have now moved to the new place. I have two questions:
1. I received a new customer number from Vodafone. And the end date for the old contract in the Mein Vodafone portal is still shown as 13.12.2023. Does that mean that I will have to pay for two contracts from now on? I had specifically called and requested for a move.
2. At my new location, I see that there is an offer Vodafone CableMax 1000, which is the same price as what I have right now (Red Internet & Phone 250 Cable). Is it possible to change to my contract to this new tariff?

Best regards,

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that u got a new customer number s normal - even by moving to neighbours house u would get a new number.

changing 2 cableMaxx is only possible when your contract is at least running for 2 years or longer in that Red 250.


normally u shoulg receive a confirmation note of cancellation of the old contract in Hessen !

so iit seems u started contract in December 2021 ?

ending or changing contract shoukdn't be possible before December 2023

- maybe upgrading (paying more) is possible, but not "paying the same and getting more"

(this is not influenced by moving)

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