Since the service started (April) I am facing problems with the internet connection disruptions. I made a topic in the past, but I can't find it anymore.


The speed is ok, but the connection often goes down and usually takes from 3 to 7 minutes to reconnect. And the problem seems to become even more often.

Yesterday, after I got home from work, I got 4 disruptions between 17 and 22h.

Today, doing home office, I already got 3 disruptions in the last hour.


As an information:

Modem is FritzBox 7530 BO

My landlord lives on the floor below and he also has DSL, but with another company. His internet doesn't go down as mine does.


A coworker said that for DSL it is common to have a reconnection once a day, but in my case there must be something wrong.

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