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CallYa Digital does NOT include all kinds of fees.


Not included in the base plan are:

a) Calls to numbers abroad (no matter if they are in the EU or outside of the EU)

b) Calls to service numbers (0180, 0190, 0137, 0138, 0900 as well as some of the shortened numbers)

c) MMS

d) SMS to numbers abroad

e) SMS to service numbers

just to name some...


Next thing: In case you did not disable mobile payments, it might be that you (unknowingly) have got an additional abonnement that is charged by a third party provider.


Besides that:

By opting for the CallYa Digital plan, you knowingly chose that you will only get service through the announced ways, meaning either by the contact form on the website/self-service portal -or- by using the WhatsApp support.

There is neither a telephone support nor are there shops to support you - that is why the plan is cheaper than a "regular" plan.


And yes, English support is only given on a best-effort base - this might also mean that there is no English support at all. Sole contractual language as well as sole contractual agreed on support language is German.

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Wer hat diesen Beitrag bewertet