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1. can't I connect any LAN cables from other devices to the vodofone router and now it seems the LAN cabel is conncted to the second router and then I get the internet?

2. Is it normal to see the difference in speed. Normally, in ethernet connection(vodofone router) ,I used to get much higher speed than I get now. Is it might be because of the router?

3. If I would like to use another switch or modem (wifi-bridge mode) and connect to second router to expand the LAN ports, would there be any drawback?

4. Can't I change the DNS settings in the router? It seems like some dns has been already set.


1. normal behavior - VF Station is a modem now and you can only connect one device (your router) to it

2. depends on your router - maybe your router is not capable to handle such high data rates

3. works fine but need to be connected to your router and not to the VF Station

4. you can alter DNS setting in your router to whatever you like ( for example)


regards Robert

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