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Vodafone-home(and hot)spot disappeared from my flat.



I paid one-month ticket for homespot a few days ago. Until last Friday morning it worked well. Then suddenly homespot was disconnected, and the home(and hot)spot signal was diasppeared. The homespot machine seems to be off.

I am trying to send an e-mail to report and fix this problem, but I cannot find any e-mail address.


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There is no dedicated HomeSpot device - HomeSpots are special networks that the rental devices offer if the customers want to. If they don't want to and turn the feature off - maybe because they disconnect the rental device and switch to their own retail device -or- if they activate the Bridge Mode (which automatically disables the WiFi function of the router and thus also the HomeSpot function) -or- if they switch off the router [because they're on vacation] -or- if they switch providers, the signal is gone.

As I already said - this function is a special feature of the rental devices and the customers may or may not opt to use it. Therefor there is no way for Vodafone to request or even require the customer to re-enable the Homespot/Hotspot function if they don't want to.


The only way to get a reliable connection would be to either switch to a mobile connection (e.g. using a Gigacube) or to a landline connection (cable or DSL).

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