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Homespot problem ex-Unitymedia User



I'm a ex-Unitymedia User. I had no problem to use Homespots before.

Recently I changed the contract and received the new router( Vodafone Station).

Suddenly there is no Homespot access point(before 'Hotspot' appeared) on my wifi list on my PC and phone either.

When I leave home and I see Hotspot. But I can't connect, it says ID or passwords incorrect.(Before it worked.)

I checked my Homespot status under Website Meine Internet-Produkte.

It shows my Homespot is active. But the slide bar is gray, I can't change my status.

I don't know what makes this problem.

Because of the new Router?(need some setting?)


Because of the merging Unitymedia with Vodafone?

Is there anyone can help me?

Thank you,



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It's the status under website 'Meine Daten'.....

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Hi Emily4781

Send me a PM:

full name
Date of Birth
full address
customer number

Please write here again as soon as the PM is out.

Best regards

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