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Homespot cancellation - not able to find the option to disable homespot service

Dear Vodfone Customer Care Team,


I bought the homespot service last month and I am really unhappy with the service and the speed. It wasn't even working completly for 4 days and really slow rest of the days. May be there was some outage at our area (***, Berlin). 


Now I am trying to cancel this contract and I am surprised to see that I cannot find this option anywhere. Buying any service is really easy but discontue them is really difficult at vodafone portal.

Could you please help me and cancel this contract (***) as early as possible. As I don't wish to pay for this service any further.



Arjita *** ***




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Hello Homespot,

sorry that the hotspot is not working properly. However, I must point out that there is no entitlement to a specific hotspot, but the service is intended for use on the road.

You can cancel the hotspot contract here:

Then please go to the point at the bottom: This is how it works: Cancel contracts here.

Greetings Moni

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