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I need help with the login for a Hotspot-Flat subscription.
I suscribed to the Hotspot-Flat WLAN (as a new Vodafone client) on Friday, when I recieved an email with the order confirmation and details (Bestellung Überblick). Later on, Sunday morning, I recieved a link to save the Sepa-Lastschriftmandat (I can't use the link since it only takes me to the login page). I haven't recieved any other emails from Vodafone.

I still don't know how to login to be able to actually use the Hotspot, and I really need it. It seems that I should wait for another email (Auftragsbestätigung), but I haven't heard back from them. If this is the case, how long should it takes to be able to use it? If not, what I'm I missing and how can I use what I'm already subscribed to?



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Hi Antonio,


the contract does not start until the order confirmation has been created and sent. Please have a little patience.




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