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THIS IS RIDICULOUS - Internet down and no actual customer service.


My internet has been crawling at < .1mbps for many days and have tried every troubleshooting tip there is. I call in and get directed to look online for my answers. If I go online and select that I need help, I am given a form that tells me to turn my router off/on. It even says "if this doesnt help you go to Customer Care" and the ***ing link just takes you back to the original form! There is 0 customer service, Vodafone is hiding any sort of live support number or chat, and will still ask us to pay the full amount at the end of the month. Unbelievable and not the first time either!


The app - broken. Can't access the servers for the last 4 days. Want help? Go to the community forum where they can ignore you.


This is absolutely unbelievable and I will be sending a post today with the Verbraucherzentrale demanding the full cancellation of my contract and repayment of each documented day that Vodafone has failed to supply service, each day that Vodafone has not offered an adequate measure for its customers to contact support and reach resolution, and all my expenses for using personal cell data and lost revenue due to my inability to work from home during the COVID pandemic.

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