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SIM issue and weird Charges


Hi All,

since 11.2019 I have left Germany (forever). I had a contract with Vodafone and even if I didn't use it (I left EU) I kept paying it. Unfortunatelly, istead of charging me the standard fee , since December 2020 they started charging me 104 EUR.


The sim doesn't work, I am not in EU and none of the numbers to contact Vodafone work outside EU.

The contract suppose to finish on the FEB.2021. How can I find out why they charged me 104 EUR the last 3 months instead of 89? 


Is there any way to contact vodafone outside EU ? 


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@vagos85Log in to "Mein Vodafone" on to look for the monthly invoices to check them, You can contact the customer service from any country on phone no. +49 172 12 172 12.



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