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10115 - Bad Internet Connection - (English) - Full 4G signal, bad internet

Hi there, 


I have called Vodafone support many times, and it seems that Vodafone in Berlin has really bad service. I am often outside and my phone shows full 4G, with 4 bars of signal. And the internet does not work. No google maps, no phone calls etc. The trouble is intermittent. I'm not sure what to do as I have already called Vodafone support many times, they tell me "we're checking something, please re-start your phone" ... and then nothing is ever better. 


Please help!

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Hello TrevorP,


welcome to our forum!


Please tell me your adress in 10115 Berlin (streetname without housenumber). Please make a speedtest with the MeinVodafone App and tell me the results. I will check your coverage. Do your have this problem everywhere oder at certain adresses?


Best regards,




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