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very very very Slow Internet -DSL



I have very slow internet since the day my contract started.


I have sent an email to "" with screen shots of speed test( used LAN cabel) on 26.05.2021 till now i did not receive any reply to that email........? 


I have called them after sending my email and the answer i got was i have to wait for the reply its been almost five months.


I still have same problem with my interent my connection speed supposed to be 50mbits or in the least it has to be 27.9mbits but i am not even getting the 10% of the speed from what i am paying for ... so i hope you would do the needful as soon possible otherwise please cancel my contract if vodafone cant deliver the speed as stated in contract....


I am attaching the speed test screen shot from 17.10.2021 made from vodafone speed test and tomorrow will attach the screen shot from today.

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Hi Schumi008,


I'm really sorry that you haven't received any help so far. Smiley (traurig)


Let's have a look on your DSL connection together.


Please send me private message with your customer number an customer password (alternatively name, adress and birth date of the contract owner). Do you have some actual speedcheck-IDs? Then I'd like to get the, too. Smiley (zwinkernd)




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