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utility meter was changed and now dsl internet wont work

Our utility meter was changed out yesterday and the power was shut off for about ten minutes . When it was turned back on the internet never came back on. when i run the diagnostic on it it says 

ipv4: nicht verbunden

ipv6: nicht verbunden 

my devices say they connected to wifi but there is no internet connection . we have called a few times and they can see the problem and say it will be fixed shortly but that was yesterday and it is still not working . we also do nto speak german so there is a huge language barrier. Is the anything i can do on my end to help speed the process along ? i have unplugged all the wires multiple times to try and reset the router . 

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Maybe the power cord for the amplifier was disconnected?

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Hey jenniferb,

are you using a dsl or cable contract?

Best regards,


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