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red light blinking on router during setup, can t get any contact of technical support center


First of all, my appologies to write in english, I just moved to Germany and I speak very little Deutsche.
So, I contracted 'Red Internet & Phone 100 Cable' package and proceeded to the installation setup of the device, but a red led light (of internet) is blinking non-stop. WIFI signal is on, but I have no connection to the internet.

Any ideas how I could fix this?
I tried some hotline and customer help phone numbers (all 0800) but all of them are recordings in german and no english options. If anyone can give indications, ideas or a contact to customer / technical vodafone service, I greatly appreciate.

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Hello JoseRoberto,


did the red light stop blinking and do you have a connection now? If not, I would like to check this. Please send me a private message with your customer number, address, date of birth, the MAC address of the router and a phone number where you can be called if a technician is needed. Reply here again after you sent the details.


Kind regards,


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