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interenet disconnected for 4 days, any solution?

Greetings from Kable user with ondafone client number xxxxxxxxxxx, i live in xxxxxxxxx.

My interet has been disconneted since 10am Sep14, i have got through all the hotline but there is no english service available,

So what i want to know is that is there anyone actually in charge of the issue and when the problem can be solved ? my Cellular Data on the phone has almost used up,i am going to be lost in the internet world soon, is there any make up for my loss?

My work has been seriously affected due to the interenet problem,Hope somebody can respond for that.

kind regareds 


Edit: Customer number removed. Please do not post personal data publicly. Moni (MOD)

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Hello sorock,


have you checked all the cables?

Can you log on to our cable router and access the user interface?




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