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Voice call from phone connected to Wifi router keeps disconnecting

Sorry for not speaking German as I am new here and still learning so not confident enough yet to explain issue. 


I have a Red Internet and Phone 1000 mb connection using WLAN-Kabelrouter Vodafone Station, Model number tg3442de and manufacturer arris. 


My issue is that when I am making voice call through my phone using any app (whatsapp, skype, IMO) it gets disconnected frequently. The problem is with both my wife's phone and my phone as well and it only seems to be with voice calls only because streaming and browsing on mobile otherwise works alright as well. On the other hand, doing voice call using cellular 4g network it starts working fine as well. 


Everything works fine on both our laptops as well so it's definitely only voice on phone using any of the apps mentioned above.


It's getting more and more annoying and would love to hear any solutions. 


Thank you.


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I'd be happy to take a look at the connection Smiley (fröhlich) Do you send me your customer data (customer number, name, address and date of birth of the contract holder) via private message?


Then please let me know in the post when you have sent me the data.





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