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Vodafone Station No Internet DOCSIS Offline




First off all, I'm sorry that I don't speak German, as I'm a foreigner who has recently moved to Germany. 


I signed an internet contract with Vodafone and got my Vodafone Station last week. I set up everything as instructed, but I have no internet. For internet connection on the router, the red dot is blinking all the time but can't find internet. Also when I go to the adminpanel, DOCSIS is always offline. I could use the internet a few times but it keeps disconnecting and it makes working from home nearly impossible. 


I've tried to call the hotline but since I don't speak German at all, I couldn't talk to anyone. 


I've made some research on the internet and learned that a technician needs to come over and take care of the issue. 


Can someone please help me regarding my problem? I'd appreciate it. 


Thank you.

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I like to look at the line. Send me your customer data (name, address, customer number, birthday) in a private message and then let me know here that you have sent the data.




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