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Vodafone CableMax 1000 speed problem




I recently switched from Internet & Phone 400 Cable to Vodafone CableMax 1000. I am also using the Fritz!Box 6591 modem.

I am cable internet customer of Vodafone for more than one years. With all my tariffs so far, my connection was always stable and almost up to the higher speed limit for both upload and download. 


Unfortunately, the connection with my new tariff looks kind of unstable. Ever since I switched, I am making speed tests every day, and throught the WiFi I barely reach 250 Mbit/s download speed (upload is usually at 42 - 50 Mbit/s though). The interesting thing is that when the speed tests run, the speeds vary a lot, with lower border at 40 Mbit/s. I have never seen that with any of my older tariffs, literally never before I made the switch to Vodafone CableMax 1000. I can also feel this instability when browsing and watching Netflix for example.


Yesterday I decided to make a speed test while connected with a Gigabit LAN cable directly to the router. I should mention that I am fulfilling all the speed requirements: I have a pretty new Macbook, the LAN cable is a premium quality one, etc. For the more than 10 tests I ran, the maximum speed I got was 450 Mbit/s for download, also having lows at 200 - 250 Mbit/s.


Honestly speaking, I am kinda disappointed. I know that the new tariff costs the same price as my old one, but I am willing to pay more and have a quality high-speed internet, rather than paying the same amount for a virtual speed, that I never can reach. I even prefer to go back to my previous tariff, since it was way way more stable, although at "lower" speed...



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I like to look at your connection. Send me your customer data (name, address, customer number, birthday) in a private message and then let me know here that you have sent the data.





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